We have two new demos to share featuring the LimeSDR Mini being used with SDRangel, both courtesy of Marty Wittrock, a veteran user of the larger 2x2 MIMO LimeSDR board and a keen advocate for amateur radio use. In the first video, Marty pairs the LimeSDR Mini with an UDOO x86 SBC running Ubuntu, using this together with SDRangel for a 2M band ...
SDRangel & Decoding Digital Voice (DMR, D-Star, Fusion ... omarcclub.org. http://omarcclub.org/forum/discussion/250/sdrangel-decoding-digital-voice-dmr-d-star-fusion-etc. All you will need to do is download the 7zip software, install that and decompress the SDRangel package into your "Program Files" directory in Windows.
The first step is to detect if you use a chip with the vulnerable library. As the vulnerability is present in the on-chip software library and not limited just to a particular batch of hardware, the only reliable way is to generate an RSA keypair on the device and test the public key by the provided tools (see below).
SDRAngel is too confusing to me. I'll give it a few more months & if nothing happens, sell it all off at a loss, as new SDRs come out & the LimeSDR-USB is just getting left in the dust. Just too depressing to get ignored on this. HF worked before a Firmware update. This is what inspired me to build these transceivers. Ed